Easy Resume Writing Samples

Here we provide a gallery that will give you an Resume sample, Knowing the format of writing a resume is great, but what if you don’t know how to write a resume even if an easy resume sample, It is going to be a problem if you don’t try to solve it. Here we have […]


As we know that for new graduation make a resume is not easy, because they must make it accordance with the rule. One of the rules is about core competencies where you insert in on resume. and for you who do not know how to make it on resume, it will be better to see […]

Resume Title Examples

We suggest you to make the resume title with seeing the examples. And we believe it will help in getting best resume ranging from the way of written, format and others. Therefore, we are here to show you resume title examples for you to help you how to make the resume well. and for you […]

Restaurant Serving Resume Examples

Promising restaurant server resume is required to obtain this position. So, we provide restaurant server resume examples for guiding you in writing best resume. As a restaurant server, you will do a variety of activities, from reading the food, equipment materials, offering, charging folks for their food, taking care of money, credit cards, and a […]

Cover Letter Examples For Resume Marketing

You have to create IT resume for showing your competencies. You know that we need some permission before doing something. The same thing happens on the resume. You have to create cover letter before conveying your resume. So, we have a lot of IT cover letter examples for resume that you have to create before […]

Examples Of Objective Statement On Resume

We have recognized that if you want to secure a job in one firm, you must prepare and give a return to where it includes your education and learning background, your experiences, your goal and also a lot more. yet often, some individuals obtained confusion in writing objective on resume, consequently, we will reveal you […]